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Why Us For Your Pet Care Needs?

If you’re seeking exceptional care for your furry and non-furry loved ones, you’ve come to the right place! 2 Paw Up HTX takes great pride in offering unparalleled pet care solutions. Our compassionate team of pet care professionals are highly skilled, hardworking and dedicated to ensuring that your pets are always in the best hands.

Plus, we understand how hard it can be to leave your pets behind, which is why we provide regular updates, including pictures, to give you peace of mind. With our exceptional pet care services, you can finally take care of business or relax and enjoy your time away. You can rest assured that your pets are receiving the love, care, and personalized attention they deserve.    

Join the Furmily!

Since we are smaller “boutique” pet care service, we can offer you the flexibility to customize your pet care specifically for your needs at affordable prices, AND without the worry of compromising quality or customer service.  We totally understand what it means to earn your trust, and we assure you that our team will exceed all your expectations.

From domestic to exotic, we have experience caring for all types of pets with all types of temperaments, including seniors and pets with special needs. No matter what your situation, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!      

 2 Paws Up  HTX – Giving Your Pets Comfort and Care When You’re Not There!  Contact Us Today to Become Part of the Furmily and Receive Your First Time Member Discount!



Whether you pets need companionship, playtime, walks, sniffing, exploring, feeding, potty breaks, medication , or cleaning the litter box – no job is too big or small.  We have the services you need.  Check out our services and let us customize them for you and your pets.

Pet Taxi Service

Suddenly find yourself in a situation where your pet needs to get to the vet, daycare, or any other location BUT you can’t get them there?  WE CAN!  We offer safe roundtrip transportation to wherever your pet needs to go!

Or, do you need to get to the pet store for food, the vet for medication, or is there something else you need to pick up for your pet but can’t?  WE CAN!  Whatever your needs may be, we can get it done for you!

Pet Sitting Service

Do You Have a Busy Schedule?  Are You Planning a Vacation?  Do You Find Yourself in a Situation Where You Could Use Extra Help?  We Are Here For You and Your Pets!  2 Paws Up HTX offers traditional services and beyond:

  • Visits Ranging From 15 – 60 minutes, overnight, or 24 hour care.
  • Care for pets with special needs, elder pets, and service animals.
  • Care for pets whose humans suddenly find themselves in the hospital or another emergency.

2 Paws Up will customize you and your pets care specifically for your situation!

To enhance the lives of pets and their families by helping navigate the responsibilties of pet ownership while providing excellent, fear free pet care, peace of mind, trust, and value.  Our goal is to offer alternative pet care solutions by providing a variety of affordable pet care services.  We are dedicated to ensuring a safe nurturing environment for your pets and delivering the best quality and personalized experience for you.

Above my expectations! My dog Zack is terrified of fireworks. Rachelle is so caring. She picks him up on 4th of July and before New Year's Day and boards him at her house until fireworks subside in my neighborhood. Thank you 2 Paws Up HTX!
Linda B
I found a stray kitten that ended up being pregnant. She developed complications and had to have several blood transfusion. I work during the day and sometimes could not take her to her appointments. A neighbor recommended 2 Paw Up HTX for Pet Taxi Service. I hated not being the one to take Maw Maw to her appointments, but Rachelle made sure she was secure, safe, and sound. After the first time, I knew my baby was in good hands!
Jessica P
Highly recommend 2 Paws Up HTX for pet sitting and basic grooming. Stephanie and Rachelle are wonderful to work with and took great care of Kai while on a weekend trip. It was so convenient to have him picked up and dropped off. He was groomed over the weekend and came home clean as well! Photo updates showed him walking, and having his nails trimmed and teeth's surprising he wanted to come home after his weekend retreat:).
Stephen J
Coco is blind and has special needs. We have a pool and she has to be watched carefully when outside. Terri was so attentive - she was great. She came to my house and stayed while I was out of the country. I trust 2 Paws Up HTX to give Coco the best care. I will definitely use them again!
Brinda K

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Rachelle Olsen / Owner - Operator

Hello neighbors, I am Rachelle Olsen . Here is a little bit about me: I served as a Park Ranger for both Texas Parks and Wildlife and the National Park Service. I'm an avid animal lover with years of experience caring for all types of animals. I have volunteered with various organizations: Brazoria County Wildlife Rescue, Kalispel Humane Society, and Montana Fish and Wildlife. My career has been one of service both public and private. I created 2 Paws Up HTX because I am a pet owner too, and I know firsthand how difficult navigating a busy life, planning for vacations, dealing with unforeseen circumstances, and caring for pets can be. 2 Paws Up is dedicated to helping simplify these challenges for you and your pets. We a smaller company where we can give you and your pets more personalized attention and service all customized to your specifications, AND flexible pricing without compromising the quality of care.


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